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Waseem Sayegh
Head of LIVE
Enabling Creation & Talent Discovery
Monday, March 04, 2024 12:50 - 13:00
Waseem currently leads TikTok LIVE operations across the Middle East, Turkey, Africa and Pakistan (METAP). In this role, Waseem is responsible for devising the content strategy for TikTok LIVE within the regions, with a primary focus on fostering a diverse and engaged community of users, creators, and agencies. The overarching objective is to advance TikTok LIVE's mission of promoting interactive creativity. Waseem is further tasked with the establishment and management of teams dedicated to overseeing users', creators', and agencies' communities. Additionally, he collaborates with business teams to drive strategic growth initiatives, working closely with cross-functional teams to enhance TikTok LIVE's presence in the specified regions. With over 20 years of international experience in tech companies, Waseem has held pivotal roles at globally recognized corporations. His professional trajectory includes responsibilities at both regional and global levels. As a longstanding member of TikTok for nearly four years, Waseem played a foundational role in establishing the MENA office. Preceding his tenure at TikTok, Waseem contributed significantly to the launch of YouTube in the Middle East and held leadership positions at esteemed multinational entities. His professional background also encompasses experience at Morgan Stanley and leadership roles in various private ventures. Educationally, Waseem holds an MBA in Marketing from McGill University in Canada and an MSc in Computer Systems Engineering from Northeastern University.