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Sasha Qadri
Presenter & Broadcast Journalist

Sasha Qadri is a highly experienced, presenter, moderator and event chair with a bank of journalistic experience at global broadcasters including Sky News, Bloomberg and Channel 4. She is a seasoned interviewer and frequently moderates panel and roundtable discussions, emcees international events and conducts fireside chats with government ministers and business leaders.

Sasha works across a wide spectrum of industries, from sustainability to cybersecurity and crypto. She's also facilitated many conversations on digital disruption and the impact of technology, hosting flagship events at London Tech Week and Fintech week as well as high profile economic summits. Before her TV life, she started her career in investment banking, and has retained an avid interest in business and finance, frequently working with financial institutions, including Lloyds Bank, Atom Bank as well as the Treasury.