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Haitham Alsahfy
CEO & Co-Founder, Fintactics Ventures
As the co-founder and CEO of Fintactics Ventures, I lead a team of passionate and innovative fintech professionals who aim to create disruptive and scalable solutions for the financial industry. With an MBA from London Business School, I have a strong background in entrepreneurship, private equity, and corporate venture capital. I have over five years of work experience in consulting and investing, having worked with McKinsey & Company and Aramco Ventures, where I advised and supported clients on various strategic, operational, and financial topics. I have also developed and executed multiple deals and partnerships across different geographies and sectors. I have a keen interest and expertise in new business development, leveraging my skills in market research, business planning, financial modeling, and stakeholder management. I am driven by the mission of empowering and transforming the financial sector with cutting-edge technology and innovative business models.