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Michael Katz
Video Games Industry Expert/Veteran, Former key Executive at Mattel, Atari, Sega

With a career spanning over 25 years in the video games and toy industry, Michael Katz is a seasoned professional who held key leadership roles at Sega of America, Atari, and Epyx. As the President of Sega during the Genesis 16-bit Game system launch and Atari's video games division during its resurgence, Katz played pivotal roles in industry milestones. His career also includes a successful tenure at Coleco and Mattel, where he introduced hand-held electronic games. Since 1994, he has been the founder and managing director of Michael Katz & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in executive search and strategic planning for interactive software, multimedia, internet, and toy industries. Katz, a Cornell University graduate with an MBA from Columbia University, continues to contribute to the industry's growth through his firm's representation of leading companies. Residing in Marin County, California, Katz serves as a SCORE counselor, an advisory board member of Dominican University Business School, and remains deeply involved in industry initiatives.