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Amna Razzaq
Vice President, Stalliongates Investments
Amna Razzaq is the dynamic Managing Partner & COO of BrandBeat Global, an international business consulting and brand marketing firm based in Dubai with 14 global offices. In parallel, she serves as the Vice President at Stalliongates Investments, a key player in private equity and venture capital. Under Amna's leadership, BrandBeat has seen a 5X revenue growth in just two years, diversifying into workshops, personal branding, and community building. Prior to this, she distinguished herself in healthcare marketing and founded a boutique firm for executive personal branding. A passionate advocate for women's entrepreneurship, Amna holds various advisory roles, mentors entrepreneurs fervently, and has partnerships in ventures valued at USD 500 million. Recognized as one of Dubai's 'Top 12 Inspirational Women' in 2023, Amna's trailblazing journey continues to inspire.