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Nabil Mohamed
Chief Product and Technology Officer, 4Sale
Nabil has been in tech for 10+ years now, and is currently leading a workforce of around 80 people at 4Sale, one of the Middle East’s largest online marketplaces. An Industrial Engineer by education, he graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2010. A few months out of college, he joined Vodafone's Discover program in its inaugural year. Nabil then traveled to Boston to enroll at Harvard Business School, earning an MBA. Upon graduating, he relocated to Seattle and spent the following five years working primarily at Amazon. There, he held vital product roles at both Amazon ReCommerce and Prime Video. Nabil returned to Egypt in 2020, joining Instabug - a key global player in application quality management - to help expand its product portfolio and build out its stellar Product and Design teams and processes. Since 2022, Nabil has been focused on transforming 4Sale into a regional powerhouse.