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Ayman AlFallaj
He led multiple mega projects within the petrochemical industry within SABIC and XenMobile, as well as managing investments funds in Asia, Europe, and GCC region. AlFallaj is appointed as a Chairman of multiple subsidiaries of THIQAH; Including, AHAD, ASL, and THIQAH investments. He is member of the Board of Directors in several public and private sectors entities including Bayan Credit Bureau, Saudi Mass Participation Federation and Saudi Venture Capital Company (SVC). Chief Executive Officer at THIQAH since April 2017 and its Chief Financial Officer since Feb 2013.Alfallaj has expanded the company strategic client portfolios to more than 45 government partners resulted with more than 15 strategic smart solutions. AlFallaj was one of the pioneers, leading the public private partnerships model with MOJ through Almwathiq platform. He has led THIQAH’s 2018 strategy development and implementation leading THIQAH to be the market leader in the Kingdom.