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Sven Meyer-Brunswick
Alpine Space Ventures
Investing in our Future
Tuesday, March 05, 2024 14:50 - 15:30
Panel Discussion
Prior to Alpine Space Ventures, Sven served as part of the executive team for space laser communication company Mynaric. During his more than 7-year tenure with Mynaric, he led all investor relations activities of the publicly listed company and orchestrated more than a dozen capital market transactions securing over $250 million growth capital from public and private markets, including two successful IPOs on both Nasdaq and the Frankfurt stock exchange. Sven also shaped Mynaric's communications strategy and led all marketing, public relations, and internal communications activities, ensuring a cohesive and compelling message for the company, introducing a new brand to the market and establishing its reputation in the industry. During Sven's tenure, Mynaric grew from a team of 30 to more than 300 and evolved from a garage-shop prototype developer into an industry-leading scale-up with the industry’s largest customer backlog and a defensible moat for the years to come. Before joining the space industry, Sven acquired a Master’s degree in Photonics Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science from the Technical University of Munich. He’s also been a visiting scholar of the London School of Economics, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and the Nanyang Technical University of Singapore and has a long history of engagement with the local startup communities.