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Steve Brown
Becoming More Human: Empathic AI and the Blurring of Reality
Tuesday, March 05, 2024 12:40 - 13:10
Seasoned leader with deep experience working at tech giants, leading world-changing AI technologies Steve Brown is passionate about innovations in media and tech that can transform our relationships with each other and with our planet. He has a track record of success as a tech entrepreneur, having founded and led two startups as CEO that were later acquired by global companies. Additionally, Steve is an accomplished documentary producer, with six of his documentaries winning awards in festivals and being featured in theaters and on major networks. In his role as CTO of Abundance360, Steve was responsible for developing software that connects community members and integrates artificial intelligence technologies to enhance creativity and productivity. Following his transition to Chief AI Officer, he continues to collaborate with PHD Ventures and Abundance360 on pioneering applications of AI aimed at developing one's mindset, identifying purpose, and planning ambitious moonshot projects. Steve's dedication to leveraging technology for positive change is evident in his impactful work across various domains.