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Sara Rona
Managing Director, Head of MENA
Silicon Valley Bank
The New Era of Generative AI
Monday, March 04, 2024 14:50 - 15:20
Global Startup Banking Architect, Bridging Tech Giants Across Continents with Strategic Finance Expertise. Sara Rona is a Managing Director of Startup Banking for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and is the market lead for UK/Europe, Middle East North Africa (Turkey, Egypt, UAE, and Jordan) and Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) where she manages a global portfolio of tech startups and venture capital firms who are expanding stateside and need cross-border banking services as they scale, providing value beyond banking and being their bridge into the US. Sara joined SVB in 2018 and has been in finance for the last 15 years at a variety of different financial institutions including HSBC, IFC-World Bank and Deutsche Bank and has an MBA in international business. She's spent time living in Dubai, Bangkok, Paris, London, and the US. By way of background, Sara is from France and Afghanistan.