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Pulkit Srivastava
EVage Motors
Make Space Giga Factories, Modular Micro Factories have Arrived
Monday, March 04, 2024 17:30 - 17:50
Pulkit Srivastava is at the forefront of blending sustainability with profitable entrepreneurship in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. His guiding principle, “Creating impactful solutions that drive both change and financial success,” reflects his focus on practical sustainability in business. His diverse professional journey encompasses roles in marketing for satellite businesses, cloud kitchens, SaaS, Agritech, and Healthtech, culminating in his venture into the climate tech industry with EVage Motors. Pulkit’s decision to join EVage was propelled by a striking imbalance: 50% of automobile pollution originates from just 2% of vehicles, primarily commercial ones. This insight sparked his drive to revolutionize EV manufacturing. At EVage Motors, Pulkit has been instrumental in redefining the company's vision towards sustainable commercial vehicles. He has effectively implemented decentralized manufacturing, drastically cutting costs and manpower by 1/10th, and redefining efficiency in vehicle production. His strategic approach to battery technology, particularly the adoption of LTO batteries, highlights his commitment to safety and durability under extreme conditions, a hallmark of Indian terrains. Pulkit's ethos revolves around merging impactful innovation with financial viability. His leadership at EVage Motors steers the company towards reducing emissions in the commercial vehicle sector, setting a precedent for environmentally conscious practices in the automotive industry. His technical expertise is evident in adapting EVage Motors’ engineering for extreme climates, ensuring the global adaptability of their vehicles. A key proponent of modular production, Pulkit’s vision enhances the scalability and adaptability of EV manufacturing. EVage Motors has multiple patents, showcasing their commitment to technological innovation and proprietary solutions in the EV space. Under Pulkit's co-leadership, EVage Motors has secured over $30 million in funding, demonstrating significant investor confidence in their innovative approach. At the LEAP Conference in Riyadh, he will share his insights on sustainability, technology, and future energy solutions, reflecting his journey with EVage Motors. Conference attendees can expect Pulkit to offer a unique perspective on combining sustainable entrepreneurship, smart city development and technological innovation. He foresees a future where commercial transportation aligns with sustainability, not as a mere option but as a standard. His story stands as a testament to transformative leadership in the EV industry, driven by a commitment to impactful, sustainable, and financially viable solutions.