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Naveed Hamid
VP, Security Solutions
ZainTECH Solutions Company
AI’s defense role in cybersecurity, identity threats and deepfakes
Tuesday, March 05, 2024 17:30 - 18:10
As the VP of Cybersecurity Solutions at ZainTECH, Naveed champions a secure and trusted digital environment. Over the course of a remarkable 25-year journey, Naveed has consistently harnessed global expertise to empower cybersecurity advancements, particularly focusing on the dynamics of the Middle East. His skill set, embracing everything from network security and threat intelligence to industrial cybersecurity and incident response, underscores his commitment to a safer, more connected world. Having contributed to vanguards like EY, Cisco, BAE Systems, FireEye/Mandiant, Dragos, and Claroty, Naveed's credentials are a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of cybersecurity.