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Martin Moessler
Managing Director
Science Park Graz | ESA Space Solutions Austria
“The Space entrepreneurship Alliance”
Tuesday, March 05, 2024 13:40 - 14:20
Panel Discussion
Martin Mössler is General Manager of Science Park Graz. Austria's largest and oldest high-tech incubator. Out of a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, he and his team support founders in transforming their ideas and visions into internationally successful companies. Since June 2016, Martin Mössler has been Managing Director of Science Park Graz, which also manages the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre for Austria and Southeast Europe. Due to his leadership competence, his international biography and broad networking skills, he leads the Austrian organization successfully and even managed to cover the entire value chain of incubation by bringing the ESA BIC to Austria and beyond. Every year, more than 50 start-ups are supported in realizing their dreams, goals and visions. As ESA BIC Austria General Manager and ESA Business Ambassador, Martin Mössler is one of the network partners for space innovations in the Austrian space capital. Martin Mössler furthermore is an integral part of the European start-up ecosystem. His focus on strategic internationalization and diversification in the direction of space technology and high-tech start-ups determine his claim to innovation. These parameters form the basis for the existing, internationally recognized program of his incubator. Martin Mössler is a valued member of the jury at international high-class start-up events, keynote speaker and part of panels on innovation, high-tech and space topics. But his expertise and character are also highly valued within the walls of the Science Park Graz / ESA Space Solutions Austria. The door to his office is always open, be it for professional input or a pep talk. Martin Mössler's broad specialist knowledge, his pronounced empathy and his management style make him the central driver of the largest and oldest start-up incubator in Austria