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Ke Wang
Timenschen Fund
Space Economy Expansion
Tuesday, March 05, 2024 17:00 - 17:35
Panel Discussion
Ke is the Founder of Timenschen Fund, focusing on investing in space technologies and applications, with the current priorities of building the local development of space ventures in the GCC region. Ke started her space career in Europe and joined Disrupt Space as their CEO, which organized the first commercial space summits in Europe and contributed significantly in building the ecosystems between the new space startups and corporates. The company also has bridged the cross-border collaborations in the space industry between Eurpope and China. She is also the Co-founder and Board Member of Karman Project Foundation, gathering the global space leaders from more than 70 countries for independent dialogues, trust building and cooperations. Ke has a legal and business background where she studied international law for 6 years with Master in International Law from UIBE and worked in a law firm on WTO dispute settlement and international trade remedy. She also holds a Master of Management from ESCP Business School and is an alumna and permanent individual Governing Member of International Space University. She works closely with Oxford Space Initiative and is an Oxford Fellow focusing on space commerce and governance. Besides her work in space, she also organizes techno festival at the Great Wall of China.