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Jose Bronze
Executive Strategy Director
The Gap Between Advertising and the Consumer in the World of Artificial Intelligence
Monday, March 04, 2024 14:30 - 15:20
Panel Discussion
Jose is the Executive Strategy Director for Ogilvy, covering Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Kuwait.   Before consulting for brands in the Middle East, Jose helped entities such as FIFA, UEFA and other globally renowned brands from Europe, South America and Asia.   He has lived in Riyadh for almost eight years, supporting the Kingdom’s change with his work for brands such as the Ministry of Culture, RCU, Green Riyadh, AMEX, IKEA, the G20, and more.   Coincidentally, it is in searching for human insights in data-scarce markets such as Iraq or Jordan that he finds himself the happiest. He has helped brands such as STC Kuwait, zain Iraq, and UNHCR find their voice in their markets.   With a master's in Product-Service System design from the Politecnico di Milano, human-centricity is at the core of his approach to communications, and today, that means finding humanity in whatever AI can do for our business.