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Jerry Li
Founder and Managing Partner
eWTP Arabia Capital
The shifting paradigm: Technology and it’s impact on the global investment landscape
Main Stage
Monday, March 04, 2024 17:25 - 18:00
As Founder and Managing Partner of eWTPA, Jerry oversees the strategy and investments. He has structured 18 strategic projects in the MENA region since 2019. Jerry has not only pioneered the exploration of the Saudi market among Chinese business leaders but has also become a promoter of Chinese technology capabilities to the rest of the world. He now serves as the Director General of SCEA, a non-profit organization composed of leaders from various fields such as politics, industry, academia, research, and enterprises who are committed to promoting commercial activities between China and Arab countries. As a seasoned investor and serial entrepreneur, Jerry has over 20 years of experience in China's digital industry. He has witnessed the evolution of digital technology firsthand and established a comprehensive network of top Chinese entrepreneurs across various industries. Prior to eWTPA, he successfully managed 2 USD funds with an aggregate AUM exceeding US$1BN. Prior to joining Alibaba Group, Jerry founded one of China's largest social media platforms. He was also a co-founder of UC Web, which was acquired by Alibaba in what was the Chinese internet industry’s largest transaction at the time (US$3.8 billion).