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Hassan Alnoon
Cheif Technology Officer
Astra Tech
Exploring the Intersection of Conversational Commerce and AI
Monday, March 04, 2024 16:30 - 16:50
Forward-thinking, Tech-enthusiast, Lifelong learner; With a deep conviction in technology's indispensable role in humanity's endurance, Hassan Alnoon is devoted to positioning the UAE as a front-runner in digital and deep tech. As Astra Tech’s Chief Technology Officer, Hassan is realizing this vision while leading the company’s charge into artificial intelligence and robotics. Venturing into tech with an education journey into information security, Hassan recognized the transformative potential and impact of information security. He subsequently pursued advanced studies, where he specialized in information security, before securing a Master's degree in security, cryptology, and coding of information systems from the National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble. This comprehensive education equipped him with a nuanced understanding of the complexities within the digital sphere. Since then, he has leveraged this knowledge to shape the trajectory of technological advancement in his professional career with stints at the Emirate Advanced Investment Group, and Multiverse Innovation. Notably he contributed to UAE’s esteemed National Experts Program (NEP), which is aimed at professional development via a comprehensive mentoring, tailored learning, and in-field training opportunities, where he plays his role to the nation’s prosperity. These impactful roles have provided him with invaluable experience, bolstered his strategic acumen, nurtured his leadership proficiency, and laid the groundwork for his pivotal role at Astra Tech today. Joining Astra Tech at its inception in January 2022, Hassan not only brings an extensive educational background but also a formidable skill set covering Cryptography, Information Security, Software