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David Yarnton
Partner & Chief of Business Development
Level Up with Future Tech for a Gaming Revolution
Monday, March 04, 2024 16:00 - 16:40
The Art of Gaming Production – What Makes a good video Game
Wednesday, March 06, 2024 14:30 - 15:00
Panel Discussion
Pioneering Digital Innovator, Guiding Global Brands to Market Dominance with Strategic Foresight and Industry Acumen. David Yarnton, as the Chief Executive Officer of Kinguin Digital, brings to the table an extensive background in leadership and a proven track record in managing comprehensive business operations. His expertise is pivotal in defining strategic directions, making informed decisions, and steering companies to market leadership. David's exceptional leadership skills enable him to offer invaluable insights, guiding boards of directors and senior management teams towards effective decision-making processes. Renowned for his strategic guidance and deep industry knowledge, David empowers boards and executive teams to excel in corporate governance, risk management, and strategic planning with unparalleled precision. His leadership is marked by a commitment to innovation and sustainable growth, creating a culture where forward-thinking ideas are nurtured and flourish. David's vast network within the industry has been crucial in developing influential relationships and securing critical insights, further solidifying his role as a pivotal figure in the executive realm. His contributions to Kinguin Digital underscore his standing as a leader adept at navigating the complexities of the digital and gaming sectors. ShapeShapeShapeShapeMarc-Antoine Dilhac is Professor of Ethics and Politics at the University of Montreal and director of Algora Lab with responsibility for developing an ethical approach to AI and digital innovation. In addition, he is a member of the AI Advisory Council of the Government of Canada and serves as co-chair of its Working Group on Public Awareness. In 2017, he initiated the Montreal Declaration for a responsible development of AI, for which he led the scientific committee. Then, in 2020, he conducted on behalf of UNESCO an international deliberation process on the Recommendation on the Ethics of AI. In 2021, he collaborated with the Ad-hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) of the Council of Europe, supervising and analyzing the European consultation for the establishment of a legal instrument regulating the use of AI. He serves as an expert in several international organizations such as the OECD and with the Global Partnership on AI's Responsible AI Working Group.