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Dane Knecht
SVP Emerging Technology & Incubation
AI's Next Frontier: Compute on Networks and the Decline of Cloud Dominance
Monday, March 04, 2024 14:50 - 15:10
Sponsored Session
Dane Knecht is the SVP, Emerging Technology and Incubation at Cloudflare, the leading connectivity cloud company. Knecht is responsible for bringing the company’s most audacious and innovative ideas to life that will be key to Cloudflare’s ongoing evolution and strategy. In 12 years at Cloudflare, he has led the development, launch, and scaling of products like Zero Trust, Cloudflare Workers and R2, and most recently, the serverless GPU-powered inference platform Workers AI. He is closely involved with M&A and strategic partnerships. Knecht joined Cloudflare when the company had fewer than 20 people, and has held roles in product management. He previously founded an ecommerce SaaS company, which was acquired, and held product management roles at MessageOne and Dell. He graduated from Columbia University and resides in Austin, Texas.