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Arfan Chaudhry
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Saudi Space Agency
Space Policies - Shaping the path Forward
Monday, March 04, 2024 16:40 - 17:15
Panel Discussion
Arfan joined the Saudi Space Agency in December 2022 to develop and support the build-up and operation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Space programs in line with the National Space Strategy and the Saudi Vision 2030. Leading teams to implement the National Space Strategy, build and develop strategic industry and academic partnerships and provide effective international cooperation. In May 2018 he was appointed as the International Director at the UK Space Agency, responsible for international engagement through multilateral and bilateral frameworks, capturing the wider societal benefits of space programmes and harnessing the inspirational effect of space for skills and education. He also led the UK Government’s negotiations to become an Artemis Accords signatory, headed up the UK Space Agency delegation to the European Space Agency and led on security and resilience of the UK's space infrastructure and applications.