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Ahmed Bukhmaseen
Co-Founder & CEO
Quant Data & Analytics
Space as an Enabler for Infrastructure and Mobility
Monday, March 04, 2024 17:35 - 18:20
Panel Discussion
Ahmed Bukhamseen is a highly accomplished professional with a solid academic foundation in Actuarial Sciences & Financial Mathematics. He excelled as an actuarial analyst at Lux Actuaries & Consultants, developing risk models for medical and motor insurance. Co-founding Quant, Ahmed now directs the company's strategic vision while delivering impactful results through cutting-edge products like Suhail and Fruits360, targeting the Real Estate and Retail industries respectively. Committed to social causes, he actively supports the Saudi Data Community, leveraging his expertise in data science and business intelligence to create nurturing ecosystems for local professionals. Ahmed's exceptional background, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to innovation make him a respected figure in actuarial sciences, data science, and business intelligence.