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Abdulaziz Alfudhili
Motorsport Athlete
Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation
The Future of Sports in Saudi Arabia
Monday, March 04, 2024 15:50 - 16:20
Panel Discussion
Abdulaziz Alfudhili is a highly accomplished motorsport athlete with a career spanning over 11 years. Since 2013, he has competed in various categories including drag racing, GT racing, time attack, and hill climb. Representing the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation (SAMF) on the biggest stages, Abdulaziz has secured an impressive 62 podium finishes and proudly claimed the Saudi Championship in both time attack and hill climb competitions. As a media partner with SAMF, he has also played a key role in covering the racing season and competitions, ensuring fans stay informed and engaged with the thrilling world of motorsport. With his undeniable passion for the sport, Abdulaziz continues to inspire and make a lasting impact in the Saudi motorsport community.