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Abdalrahman Farouk
Business Development
The Future of Gaming & AI
Monday, March 04, 2024 18:00 - 18:30
With a gaming journey spanning over two decades and a decade-long professional voyage through the Gaming, Esports, and Streaming realms, I've cultivated a profound comprehension of the global esports ecosystem, alongside a passionate engagement with gaming culture and community. My academic background is fortified with a diploma in marketing and a specialized certification in tournament administration from the International Esports Federation, complemented by a versatile skill set in online marketing, social media communications, and digital marketing. In my tenure as a Business Development Project Manager at Truegaming, I've spearheaded and executed strategic partnerships, brand activations, and content generation across a multitude of platforms and stakeholders, including industry giants like Tencent, Riot, and collaborations with the Egyptian Gamers community. My advisory roles have extended to leading telecom entities in Egypt and the Saudi Esports Federation, guiding their foray into esports and gaming, aiding in monetization strategies, and fostering industry understanding. My track record is marked by the successful fostering of enduring relationships with players, brands, content creators, and key esports personalities, alongside leading and inspiring teams towards achieving collective objectives. My commitment to continuous learning, growth, and embracing challenges underscores my journey in this ever-evolving gaming and AI landscape. As a speaker at Deep Fest, I am thrilled to delve into the future of gaming and AI, sharing insights drawn from my rich experience and forward-looking perspective in the industry.