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Lynette Tan / Shu Theng
Chief Executive
Space Faculty
“The Space entrepreneurship Alliance”
Tuesday, March 05, 2024 13:40 - 14:20
Panel Discussion
As Chief Executive of Space Faculty, Lynette is a champion of the Asia space ecosystem, working through her organisation to build the talent, R&D and industry roadmap for the space sector in the region. Space Faculty creates a dedicated learning pathway to nurture talent from passion to profession, working to bring youths and young adults into the space industry, and working with industry professionals to deepen their knowledge of the sector. Lynette is also a champion of helping more organisations outside of the space sector to leverage the tremendous innovation potential of space-based technologies. Her work with governments in the region has helped them to expand their space industry, connecting them to the global space agenda. She is a Karman Fellow, an international award given to individuals whose achievements in space are outstanding. She is also an advisor to space life science start up, Myelin-H. Lynette is active in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics interest amongst youths and women. For her efforts and accomplishments, she received the Lancôme Visionary Award in 2018 and was recently recognised for her “Outstanding Contributions to the Science & Technology Industry” by a leading women’s publication. She was also recognised as a Trailblazer on the inaugural “Singapore 100 Women in Tech List” in 2020 for her outstanding efforts to put Singapore on the map of the space industry and for being a pioneer in the region’s space sector.