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Julien Bares
Vice President
Tencent Games
Level Up with Future Tech for a Gaming Revolution
Monday, March 04, 2024 16:00 - 16:40
Gaming industry architect with 20+ years shaping global development and creative studios. Julien Bares, is the Head of Development and Pipeline Support for Tencent Games Global. A seasoned leader in the gaming industry, Julien has over 20 years’ experience of game development and game business experience across multiple platforms, including web games, mobile games, console games, social games, online games and management of game development studios. With over a decade of global experience in building, developing and managing studios across the globe, Julien oversees a team of developers, artists and designers with a focus on enhancing gaming experiences to set new industry standards. Before joining Tencent in 2020, Julien worked at Ubisoft and 2K (Take2) in Shanghai and Paris and founded one Studio based in Shanghai and San Francisco which created original, high-quality IPs. Julien received his MA in business and entrepreneurship from the Ecole supérieure de Commerce in Toulouse, France and his Postgraduate degree in Finance and Database from the Universita la Sapienza in Rome.