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Francesco Bongiovanni
Orbital Solutions
Educational Ventures in Space: A Business Perspective
Tuesday, March 05, 2024 15:30 - 16:00
Fireside Chat
Francesco M. Bongiovanni is a serial aerospace entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Orbital Solutions Monaco, a New Space enterprise focused on the application of small satellites technologies to the environment, climate and education - and that has built and launched several satellites. A former investment banker in Wall Street & London, Francesco has been an entrepreneur in China and Asia in various sectors and an advisor in private equity, M&A, direct investments Francesco holds an engineering doctorate and an MBA from Harvard. He lived and worked in Europe, USA, the Arab world and in Asia. He is the author of books on geopolitics and a published composer of classical symphonic and jazz music. He undertook notable environmental and humanitarian initiatives for which he was made a Knight of the Order of St Charles.