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Global business leaders and experts are joining LEAP’s mainstage to share their perspective, vision and hope for the tech enabled future . In 2023, LEAP was under the theme Into New Worlds. each conference day will focus on a different pillar of innovation: Spark, Collaboration, Momentum, and Future as the women and men developing the technologies shaping our lives will address pressing issues including climate emergency and sustainable development, global health crisis and its effect on our day to day lives as well as equality, inclusion, belonging and diversity. And there is so much more to look forward to. 

LEAP 23 will address questions including: What leadership strategies are tech giants and unicorns in the making putting in place to address change management in an era of unprecedented technological progress? Will web3 hold its promise of a decentralized internet powered by blockchain and crypto where open innovation and collaboration thrive for the benefits of businesses and startups? While interfaces between digital and physical realities are blurring, is users privacy, safety and security still a focus for governing bodies and technologists?